Dr Maggie O'Brian Associate Consultant

Dr Maggie O'Brien

Associate Consultant

Maggie has worked in the housing sector since 1991, holdING roles AT A UNIVERISTY, HOUSING CONSULTANCIES, locaL AUTHORITIES and A VOLUNTRAY ORGANISATION. She’s an expert in ENGLISH housing law and public policy.

Maggie has worked for the University of Warwick school of law since 2020, as an associate professor and director of undergraduate studies. She carries out research on critical legal studies and human rights in practice. She also teaches courses on the law of property relations, modern English legal system and law of trusts.

Maggie has worked as a housing consultant since 2016. She has undertaken projects for local authorities that involved producing a housing strategy, restructuring a homelessness service, heading-up a housing supply project, and managing the introduction of the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017. She has also carried out strategy development work abroad for an international voluntary organisation.

Maggie worked for Shelter UK from 2013 – 2015, as Head of Operations. She oversaw the delivery of legal, advisory and support services, achieving a restructure ofthe management team, implementation of a new legal driven organisational structure, secured new business contracts in the region of £3m, re-negotiated retention of existing contracts.

Maggie worked for the London Borough of Southwark from 2004 – 2011, as Assistance Director of Housing. She was responsible for full landlord service for 55k properties, achieved 8% increase in tenant satisfaction. Led and programme managed housing response to Lakanal Fire. Prior to this she was responsible for community housing, achieved Trailblazer Status in 2009 for improvement and innovation in housing needs services.

 Maggie worked for Vantagepoint Consultancy from 2002 – 2004, as a housing consultant.She worked with a number of local authorities, carrying out mock inspections and improvement programmes for landlord services, reviewing and delivering improvement programmes for housing needs services, negotiating and developing service levels agreements for landlord services. She worked with Home Office as Project Director of a community cohesion dissemination programme. She also worked with a university to carry out an organisational and business process review.

Maggie worked for Westminster City Council from 1991 – 2002. She started as a Policy Advisor on Social Care and Housing, then moved into Management as Head of Housing Strategy, and then into operations as Head of Westminster’s pressurised housing needs service.

Maggie obtained a PHD in Law from the SOAS University of London, along with an MSC in Public Policy from Birkbeck College.
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