"Time to stand up and be counted"

Politically neutral
We’re not aligned to any political party, we don’t fund any political party, but we’re unbiased about which governments we work with, to achieve our aim of tackling housing inequalities.

Financially transparent
We’re committed to paying our taxes, we don’t engage in tax avoidance and we’re transparent in our relationship with HMRC. We always play our suppliers within agreed terms. We always file our accounts on time and they’re always available for inspection.

Socially responsible
We donate 1.5% of our profit to directly helping people secure adequate housing. Therefore, you won’t find us sponsoring swanky conferences at expensive hotels, instead we provide funds directly to help people obtain and equip their home.

Technologically savvy
We use technology to work smarter, saving time, money and the environment. Wise investment in IT hardware and software means that we are able to work from home, as we’re networked together via a cloud based storage system and communicate via Instant messaging, phone, video conferencing and email, This allow us to rescue unnecessary expenditure on office accommodation and cut down the amount of travelling we need to do, resulting in us being more productive. Savings accrued from this our intern passed on to the fees we charge our clients.

Environmentally sustainable
We always travel by the most environmentally friendly form of transport, to reduce our impact of carbon emissions. This means we never fly or drive, instead we get around by train, bus or bicycle. This allows us to be more productive as we work while travelling, and also keep fit. We seek to minimise the number of trips we have to make, one way we do this is to equip our entire team to work from home, therefore avoiding wasteful and time-consuming daily commutes.

Legally compliant
We always comply with all relevant legislation and regulations for nations we operate in, concerning the ownership and running of companies and the provision of services and products.

Ethically focused
We seek to work with independent and local suppliers. This means we source our materials from small independent businesses and/or organisations that are within 30 miles of office. We’re especially committed to concentrating our spending on companies that employ people with lived experience of homelessness.

We celebrate the diversity of our workforce, who are all paid equally regardless of their characteristics.